I was thinking about how I can recycle, throw away, or give away many items that come through my life with such ease. I still acquire clutter at work and at home but I’m so grateful for it being worlds less than what it was. I know this was your influence. I’m so very grateful to you. Please feel free to use this testimony for your business if you’d like. I just wanted you to know how positively you have affected my life.”
– Monica, Portland, Oregon

“Tracy is one of a kind. She is able to take years worth of “stuff” separate it, organize it, give it all a home AND make it look beautiful, all while remaining pleasant. Tracy walked into my office, took one careful look around and within a minute she knew what needed to be done. We worked together to get it done and now I have a BEAUTIFUL and functional office that I love to come in to and work. I HIGHLY recommend Tracy to all my clients and I have the proof to show them what great work she does! GET ORGANIZED, you’ll be surprised at how much time and money it will save you.”
– Diana, Lake Oswego, Oregon

“After a year of trying to figure out how to make our home office more efficient, we found Tracy. I know her personally from our church and had heard of her organizing abilities from another friend. I also know her from my BNI networking group. It is always a risky adventure when you have someone come into your home and suggest things to do to make it more efficient. But what we found with Tracy was she took time to reassure us that she would work with us and allow us to have a say in what was happening. Over the next few months she counseled us and allowed us to do some of the “grunt” work. The end results are wonderful! We absolutely love our newly finished office. It is roomy, workable and there is enough room for both of us to work freely and even have a couple of visitors in the room. Everything has a place and we manage to mostly keep it in its place! Thank you Tracy, for all your help and expertise and giving us peace of mind as we made the transition from a messy office to a fully functional office!”
– Craig & Jan, Beaverton, Oregon

Turner Craig right wall office before    Turner Craig right wall office after

“We really enjoyed and valued Tracy’s help in organizing our home. Our pantry and main living areas were cluttered and things were difficult to find. Tracy helped us organize and put systems in place and suggested strategies that have made a huge difference! Now, three months later, things still look great, and we owe it all to Tracy!”
– Jaimee, Portland, Oregon

“My wife and I got tired of having a disorganized storage closet, spare bedroom, and living area. We were nothing like what you might see in Hoarders, but at the same time we were embarrassed about having guests and family come by. Enter Tracy Rempel. Tracy brought an independent, non-judgmental eye. She had ideas for how to organize what we already had and challenged us not hang on to things beyond their usefulness. Thanks to Tracy, everything in our outside storage closet has a home, and the shelving she suggested allows us to put more things in there while keeping everything neater and more organized. Our dining room table no longer doubles as an office desk, and our desk area is more useful simply by adding a short shelf unit for the computer and printers. The living room is more inviting, we can find things in the spare bedroom, and best of all, cleaning is a lot easier because we have less to clean! Thanks to Tracy’s help and guidance, we are better able to manage life in our apartment!
-Joe & Candy, Tualatin, Oregon

“My husband and I are working professionals and we have had little time to devote organizing the garage of our townhome. It quickly became a messy junk pit where we stashed everything we did not have time to deal with. Tracy arrived on time, armed with her own supplies to help us do a massive overhaul of our garage space. She quickly and efficiently separated items to be kept from items that needed to be tossed. She completely dissassembled our shoe rack and then reconstructed a new version that meets our daily needs so much better. She labeled our storage bins, so we can easily identify the contents. She even gathered our camping gear and put it in one bin. Now, when we go camping, all we have to do is grab the bin and go! Thanks, Tracy for making life easier for us!”
– Marci, Beaverton, Oregon

spice jars“I love to bake and wanted a baking center in my kitchen to make the whole process easier. Tracy organized my baking supplies in clear canisters marked with printed labels and placed the smaller items, like vanilla and spices on turntables. Now I can open my cupboard and at a glance, I can find what I want quickly. I can also see what supplies I have and what I need to purchase.”
– Terri, Beaverton, Oregon