Package Prices


When you choose Work in Progress Organizing as your professional organizing service, you will get hands-on help and education. I will work one on one with you to set up personalized systems that make sense to you and your family. If gluten cross-contamination is a concern, I will provide exactly what you need to protect you and your family’s health. The organizing process begins with a $50 one-hour consultation to access your needs and create an organizing plan.

Sometimes organizing products are necessary to give your space complete functionality. I will shop and bring products to your sessions. There are no fees for shopping time, however the cost of products are an additional charge. An estimate will be discussed before the purchase. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call or send me an email.



A wonderful beginning to kitchen organizing. We will organize pantry shelves with containers and labels for an easy-to-see useful space that gives access to all members of the family, all the while looking out for cross-contamination of allergens.

 Closet Pantry – $150

Walk-In Pantry – $300




An often forgotten but important part of the kitchen. We will transform your refrigerator into a practical area that makes meal planning and storage manageable.

 Refrigerator Only – $75

Refrigerator Plus Freezer – $150

Additional Freezer – $100




The kitchen make-over encompasses all areas of the kitchen and dining room, including the pantry and refrigerator. We will decide together what area needs to be organized first. The more hours you purchase, the more money you save on the hourly rate!

Kitchen 5 hours – $325 ($65 per hour)

Kitchen 10 hours – $600 ($60 per hour)

Kitchen 15 hours – $825 ($55 per hour)



 Please call for hourly rate for office, garage, and other home organizing.