Flexible Planning for New Moms

As a new mom of a three-month old girl, I’ve discovered that motherhood is a true joy, daytime naps are life saving, and planning for the unexpected is a highly-valuable skill. I’ve been learning how to nurse my little one and change diapers while trying to get dinner on the table each day. My mommy learning curve was delayed when a postpartum hemorrhage put me in the ICU for three days. For more dramatic details, read my post My To-Do List Can Wait (I’m Alive and My Baby Is Here). But now my new life is becoming more routine. My sweet baby and I have worked through the newborn challenges and are enjoying smiles and even a few giggles.

So what advice would this professional organizer mom offer to all new moms? Don’t expect much sleep, don’t expect to get much done, and don’t expect organizing perfection. I’m especially speaking to type A planners (like me). Be flexible in your planning and scheduling. Basically, let go of unrealistic expectations and enjoy the moment you are in. Your independent life is in the past, but in it’s place is a beautiful bundle of joy that will melt your heart. Cultivate that relationship. It’s a special one that can not be replaced by a trip to The Container Store. Your life will be forever different, and that means your priorities will be different too. You can’t get it all done anymore. Trust me; I’ve tried and it just leads to frustration. Take time to enjoy your baby. Enjoy your husband. Enjoy your family.

I will leave you with one organizing tip: Write down everything! Or put reminders in your phone. In your sleep-deprived state, your mommy brain will not remember anything. You don’t want to forget to buy more diapers – it’s not a good day when you run out of diapers. :) If something truly needs to be done, then make a note of it, literally.

Happy organizing to all new moms out there! More importantly, I wish you joyful, unforgettable times with your precious baby.


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